The Portland-style remodel*

So thanks to the Portland Chronicle, which I heard about on Stop Demolishing Portland, I found a demolition list for Portland.  You can see the date the permits are issued and assuming they’re in compliance with the law, they have to wait x number of days.  I think x currently equals 35?  The demolition permit on this house was issued before the new law, so they were able to start picking it apart earlier.

In late April, I first walked by intending to document the process.  Sit back and enjoy, because allegedly this is a remodel, not a full demolition.

3772 SE Taylor

3772 SE Taylor

photo 2(8)

The broken front window.

The tree and some spare bits?

The tree and some spare bits?

First week in May:  No major changes.

Week of May 3rd, 2015.

Week of May 3rd, 2015.

I was out of town and missed some developments, including a lot of debris being let down into the living room.  Someone I know got pictures, but sadly, they’re not mine to share.  This is from the next time I saw the house.

The roof is raised.  Razed.

The roof is raised. Razed.

My comment when I posted this picture to Facebook was, “This is…novel.”  It definitely was coming apart slower than other demolitions I had seen.  Were they trying to abate toxic substances?  Were they salvaging anything

photo 3(5) photo 1(9)

And fast forward to May 28, 2015.

Nothing but the foundation.

Nothing but the foundation.

This counts as a remodel, people!  The house is *gone*.


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