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This just in: Short film on density –

Very pleased to see this today.

I’m still watching it.  More later.


RIP House sketch: 3121 SE Division, lost to development

HDH 3121 SE Division

RIP house sketch:  3121 SE Division Street, Portland OR, demolished to make way for a large blocky high-density dwelling. The last picture I found has the house in a lightish gray or gray-green with an olive trim, and prior to that, with  a light-medium green color with darker green trim.  Because the house is actually wiped off the map, I had to corroborate the address from the Sanborn Maps from 1925/1950 and  The earliest attributed year I could find was 1911.  While I have no idea why this house was ultimately sold, its vanishing is a loss to the collective aesthetic of the neighborhood…pre-block.  SE Division has become a canyon of cubes over the last four years.  Goodbye, house!

Disclaimer:  I am singularly awful at drawing trees, and also apologize for the skewing and glare from graphite photographed by a smartphone.  I’ll think about ways to fix that.